Saturday, February 11, 2012

SciArt Link Roundup #2

This week is SciArt Saturday's Valentine's Day Special. If you prefer evolutionary trees to candy hearts and lace, Darwin Day is on Sunday too. 

  • Perrin Ireland of Small n' Tender illustrated Jonah Lehrer's interview with the CEO of The Allen Institute for Brain Science back in 2011. Ireland led a workshop on Sketchnoting at ScienceOnline2012, and Katie Ph. D. took the hint
  • Two-minute animations on critical thinking done in beautifully modernized 1950's style
  • The strange, ghostly world beneath the Bahamas, by the late Wes Skiles
  • If you've ever had a problem with Neil DeGrasse Tyson's planet-patterned clothing, now is your chance to take action.
  • Sweden's (biggest) miniature solar system lets you visit all the planets without leaving Europe
  • Sorry to those that miss the old Haeckel illustration of our blog head, but here are some more jellyfish to appease you
  • chandelier made of test tubes; why wouldn't you want one?
  • For his 203rd birthday, stick a nice illustration of Darwin and his finches by Teagan White on your laptop, iPhone, or wall.
  • Superman meets Dr. Karl Hagen, who is not Carl Sagan.
  • Valentines to win the scientist's heart (and brain) here and here
  • Infographic of the deadliest pandemics in history at GOOD
  • Bake Not So Humble Pie's science-related treats for Valentine's day; try not to eat them in the lab
  • Nikon Small World finally adds an 'In Motion' category. Check out a Daphnia playing with algae below, and the rest of the wonderful winning entries on YouTube. 

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