Saturday, February 18, 2012

SciArt Link Roundup #3

Your guide to life, the universe, and everything interesting in science art this week. Don't panic.


  • SciAm's image of the week: the Great hornbill and its bright yellow beak, which is slowly being replaced with an artificial substitute in tribal ceremony to help prevent the bird's extinction. 
  • Who says watching mold grow has to be boring?
  • A collection of jellyfish from last week's roundup led me to more of Alexander Semenov's work with extraterrestrial-looking sealife. 
  • Judy Kaemon creates the New York Times 'T' from 130 plants. 
  • Ever wonder what kind of contorted shapes the bugs on your windshield find themselves in? Volker Steger has. (He's also won awards for his science journalism, so I recommend wandering around the rest of his site too.)
  • More macro bug photography from Matthias Lenke.



1 comment:

  1. Is there an artsy, fluid dynamic physicist out there who can explain to me the secret method used for that high speed coffee photography?

    So far, my only guess is a tiny coffee balloon and a sound-triggered flash. It's killing me not to know.