Saturday, March 10, 2012

SciArt Link Roundup #6

Adapted from BioDivLibrary

This week, SciArt Saturday features scientific illustration archives, excellent photojournalism, and more Muppets than you might expect.


Technology & Design

Pop Culture (but mostly Muppets)
  • The science-art connection here is shaky, but I don't care because a bearded dragon can beat me at Ant Smasher on an iPhone. 
  • Scientifically yours, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew Ph.D. Esq. : A note to NASA
  • Zoologist Mike Dickison's Ph.D. side project (brave soul) questions the evolutionary past of a well-known large, flightless bird. Now, if someone could please clue me in on what the grouchy creature in the trash can is...
  • UPenn creates a squad of autonomous flying robots to play Bond theme, brings us one step closer to robot domination (probably). 
  • Hilarious Adopt-A-Graduate Student parody, Sarah McLachlan's sappy vocals included. 

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