Saturday, March 31, 2012

SciArt Link Roundup #9

Welcome back for another week of SciArt! 

  • Perroquet is a project inspired by nature documentaries and science photography. Check out both the still images of scarlet macaw plumage and the slow-motion videos of parrots in flight.

  • giant bird nest installation at Clemson University's Botanical Gardens from 2005. 

  • Allan Forsyth's floral photography is so vibrant, the petals almost reach off the screen.

  • Social networking for scientists: this app allows you to keep track of your friends as cells (or organelles, it looks like).

  • These blown-glass organs are filled with inert gases so that they can conduct electricity and glow.

  • These snow monkeys are endearing (and the photography is excellent). 

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