Saturday, March 17, 2012

SciArt Link Roundup #7

A stained clover stalk, Trifolium pratense
By  Eckhard Völcker 

In case you aren't content to spend St. Patrick's Day hunting the clover fields for a lucky recessive trait, I recommend checking out this week in science art (mostly because you'd have to beat this guy).

Top 5 Picks of the Week

  • It takes a crazy man to hike up a mountain for a shot like this, and James Appleton knows it:  “If someone had said to me, ‘Do you want to go and spend four days alone in a hut where you might get melted by lava flow or stuck in an eternal blizzard?’ I’d say no. But, if someone says you might get the best photograph of your life, I’m there in a shot. To other people that might sound like madness.”  

  • Planetary chocolates in fantastic packaging. Thanks to Google Chrome translator, I can tell you that Mercury tastes like coconut mango and Venus is filled with a lemon cream. Also: chocolate meteorites

  • This visual representation of magnetic field science is so beautiful and believable that some are upset about artistic distortion of scientific topics. Is the blending of art and science here too misleading? 

And more...

  • More botanical X-rays from places like the Millenium Seed Bank, USDA, and the Royal Botanical Gardens. 

  • It took 28,000 flowers to fill the halls, rooms, and stairwells of an outdated Massachusetts mental health center before demolition. 

  • NASA releases an iPhone game to promote their Rosetta comet-finding mission.

  • These indoor clouds are real, but they only last long enough for a photograph (and, perhaps, a lucky museum guest in the right place at the right time). 

  • Carrie Witherell's art looks like a collection of X-rays, but her images are actually painstakingly drawn, cut into tissue paper parts, and contact exposed with homemade cyanotype. 

  • My theory: if ammonites were as adorable in real life as they are in plushy form, maybe they wouldn't have gone extinct. 

  • Eckhard Völcker shot the image used in the beginning of this post. Check out the rest on his flickr site!

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